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MAGICS Technologies NV was established in 2015 as a spin-off company of KU Leuven university and renowned Belgian nuclear and astronautics centre, SCK-CEN. The spark for MAGICS was a shared conviction that autonomous machines are the keys to exploring other planets and unlocking secure, sustainable sources of energy, food and materials on these worlds and on our own. Our Belgium headquarters is home to a world-leading research and development team, bringing together the core disciplines of radiation hardening, integrated circuit design and machine learning that underpin the next generation of autonomous machines.

Currently, Magics’ business focuses on integrated circuits and AI models for intelligent sensing, motion control and robotic automation.

Magics provides highly integrated and radiation-hardened systems-on-chip solutions for robotic applications in extreme environments (e.g., nuclear and space). Magics also offers low power intelligent sensors with embedded machine learning and deep learning capabilities to enable real-time machine/asset health monitoring.

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