NineID is a technology start-up that specializes in access management and security solutions. The company offers a modern access control system that acts as an interface between the cyber world and the physical world. Its solutions aim to increase access security, corporate site security, and compliance for organizations.

NineID provides a range of offerings, including a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform for documentation that centralizes user identification, certificates, and training. This platform makes documents easily accessible for audits. Additionally, NineID offers the hardware required for on-site access management, which utilizes QR codes, smartphone scans, or facial recognition.

The founders of NineID, Roy Jeunen and Frederik Keysers, developed the solution after experiencing cumbersome security procedures themselves. They realized that many companies overlook physical identity and access management while focusing primarily on cybersecurity. Traditional badge-based access systems are often outdated and prone to security breaches, as badges can be easily passed around, copied, or stolen.

Jobseekers would want to work at NineID because the company operates in a cutting-edge field that addresses critical security challenges faced by organizations. By providing modern access control solutions, NineID enhances security, streamlines operations, and ensures compliance for its clients. The company has already attracted a strong client base consisting of multinational organizations, including World Forum The Hague, Danone Group, PSA, and A.S. Watson.

NineID’s innovative approach, combining hardware and software for user identification and access control, sets it apart from competitors still reliant on traditional badge control systems. The company has demonstrated its effectiveness by successfully claiming an access badge from an unknowing company and accessing sensitive information within 15 minutes. This success, along with the traction gained in recent months, has positioned NineID as a leader in the market.

In terms of growth and internationalization, NineID has raised significant investments to expand its operations. The company has opened an office in New York to better serve the US market and has secured funding from lead investor Pitchdrive and other prominent names in the Belgian technology landscape. The combination of innovative solutions, a strong client base, and ongoing investment makes NineID an exciting prospect for jobseekers looking to contribute to the advancement of access management and security technologies.

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