Opinum contributes to a better environment and to the energy transition with a digital platform letting energy and environmental actors leverage the untapped potential of data Global scale implementation of digital transformation strategies leads to booming amounts of data in a rapidly evolving energy and environmental landscape. Governments, organisations, citizens, all alert on the urgency of a transition to sustainable energy production and demand a better environment. Utilities and service companies are major stakeholders in this pattern, with the deployment of smart meters, the operation of renewable energy sources and enhanced energy services.

Digital data management acts as the backbone of those initiatives and are core to the transformation of the energy and environmental landscape. They help lower the costs, optimise performances and enable a vast array of added value services to customers. Opinum provides the data management solutions to optimally use these data in a timely and cost-effective way. It allows energy actors to focus on their core value and expertise while taking care of the complex data plumbing. Our platform covers all the steps in the data management value chain (aggregate, check, enhance, analyse and leverage). We have the perfect set of IT components to support the digital transformation of the energy and environmental sectors. Major utilities and technology companies have already put their trust in us and Opinum positions itself as a key partner on this journey.

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