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TechWolf’s Skills Intelligence Platform provides enterprises a fast track to adopting a skills-based talent model. By using our AI technology, organisations get an instant overview of skills and skill gaps across their workforce. Skills-Based Organisations (SBO) need reliable information about people’s evolving competencies. Manually collecting and maintaining skill data is a struggle for most HR departments, and the results tend to be fragmented and quickly outdated.

With TechWolf, companies obtain an automatic and up-to-date overview of their people’s skills in under eight weeks. TechWolf’s AI technology stems from the computer labs of Cambridge University and is constantly updated with the most recent advances in Natural Language Processing. Our Skill Engine™ extracts, interprets, contextualises and compares skills and jobs from unstructured data – making our AI explainable and unbiased. As an API-first technology, TechWolf is built to connect to any of an organisation’s tools, providing the HR ecosystem with skills. No matter the setup, our technology adapts to the employee’s way of working – without adding an extra interface.

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