At Twintag, we believe in the power of Product-Led Communication. In this high-paced world, instant communication has become the norm. People expect more of the products they use and consume: they want the right info, in the right format, on the right device. Frictionless and instantly.

By augmenting a physical product with a “twintag”, you can fundamentally change its user experience. In fact, it can turn your product into your best communication channel.

Our customers use twintags to tell their product story, to equip their products’ users with relevant information, to engage with end consumers they’d like to know better. The digital experience unlocked through the twintag (most often visualized through a QR code) allows them to radically upgrade and hyper-personalize their customer experience. Our customers love twintags because they’re simple, ridiculously flexible and context-aware. And hence accelerate their digital transformation.

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