Yields.io, founded in 2017 by Jos Gheerardyn and Sébastien Viguié, is a pioneering startup addressing the critical challenges of model risk management in the banking industry. With the increasing reliance on decision-making models and the introduction of advanced analytic techniques like Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, managing model risk has become a pressing concern.

Recognizing the potential financial and reputational consequences of using unfit or incorrectly implemented models, regulatory scrutiny and requirements have intensified in recent years, making model risk a primary focus. Financial institutions are now prioritizing robust and transparent model validation capabilities and controls within formalized Model Risk Management (MRM) governance.

To meet these demands, Yields.io developed Chiron, an award-winning data science platform that supports financial institutions throughout their model risk management journey. Chiron is designed to embed trust in an algorithm-driven world, enabling organizations to effectively manage their exposure to model risk. By offering automation capabilities and addressing the increasing complexity and versatility of models, Yields.io empowers financial institutions to streamline their model lifecycle processes.

For jobseekers looking for an exciting opportunity, Yields.io offers a unique chance to contribute to the cutting-edge field of model risk management. By joining Yields.io, individuals can be part of a team that is revolutionizing how financial institutions navigate the challenges of model risk, ensuring trust and reliability in decision-making models. Join Yields.io in their mission to embed trust in an algorithm-driven world with Chiron, their groundbreaking data science platform

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