Account Executive @ Leadcamp in Remote + Gent office


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At Leadcamp, we are more than a sales co-pilot.

We are on a mission to revolutionize the sales industry by making it more personal, proactive, and distraction-free. Data and machine learning drive us; our team is passionate about leading the way in this exciting field. We are now seeking an exceptional individual to join us in this mission.

Remote + Gent office
Job type
Full time

Since our launch in 2022, we have onboarded clients from local and international companies, and we want to become the European market leader by 2030. Our sales team is the engine that drives our mid-market B2B reach, while our marketing machine reaches smaller accounts.

We aim to maintain our high standards by hiring the best salespeople, whether a seasoned expert with years of experience or a young and hungry wolf with a passion for sales.

Your mission

We are looking for ‘full-stack’ salespeople who will be the driving force behind our sales team. You will help sellers be more personal and proactive while eliminating distractions from their daily lives. You will manage key customer relationships, drive deals, and close strategic opportunities with prospects.

Your ability to educate prospects, provide inspiring product demos and onboard companies’ key stakeholders will be crucial to your success. You will use your exceptional communication skills to make this experience enjoyable, informative, and memorable for the prospect while leveraging the most relevant messaging and materials and defining a high-touch strategy that best suits the prospect. Your passion and commitment will be key to ensuring our continued growth and success.

You will be responsible for

  • Generating meetings with prospects to achieve our company objectives: by focusing on prioritization and a high level of outreach personalization to land our weekly targets.
  • Develop outbound sales leads and respond to product inquiries, run email campaigns to generate new sales prospects & complete accurate tracking of communication with current and potential customers in our very own Leadcamp platform.
  • Realize a quick lead qualification before moving prospects further in the pipeline.
  • Represent our company’s product: starting with a deep and comprehensive understanding and following with consumer research to identify how our solutions meet needs.
  • Understand, embrace, and apply the Leadcamp selling method: This method stems from the prospect experience being an inseparable piece of the overall Leadcamp customer experience. Increasingly also take ownership of engaging with clients and closing deals.

Your profile

You’re a great fit to join Leadcamp’s sales team if you:

  • Have previous experience in a sales role
  • Have strong written & verbal communication skills (fluency in English and Dutch/Flemish)
  • Are highly organized with exceptional follow-up skills
  • Have empathy and are passionate about understanding and solving prospects’ problems
  • Ability to manage influence through persuasion, negotiation, and consensus building
  • Deep understanding of value drivers in recurring revenue business models
  • A great attitude and ability to collaborate in a small team
  • Have the desire to learn fast and make an impact from day 1

Everything else is a plus. We care about having diverse experiences, profiles, and backgrounds in our team.

Perks & Benefits

We believe that to be exceptional at your role, we must provide our employees with a stimulating environment and perks to ensure happiness and efficiency and spend high-quality time with co-workers.

Therefore, we offer:

  • Fair rewards. Such as a potential equity package to complement your base salary.
  • Flexible Office. Leadcamp is a full-remote company, so you can live where you’re the happiest. We also have a flexible co-working hub in Ghent.
  • All the tools you need. Top-of-the-range equipment and software.
  • Flexible vacation policy and flexible working hours. Organize your time as you wish.
  • Delightful healthcare insurance. Extremely comprehensive health insurance – 100% of the contribution is covered by Leadcamp.

We hire people, not roles

After reading this job description, we encourage you to apply even if you feel like you don’t have all the necessary prerequisites but that it matches where you are now or what you’d like to grow into in your next position!

Not everybody will enter our recruitment process, but all, no matter how underrepresented, should feel free to apply as it can only bring learning or success.