Data and Business Analyst @ Abbove in Brussels, Belgium



Abbove is a leading wealth planning technology platform that aims to radically transform the way families relate to their wealth and interact with their trusted advisors.

Abbove’s platform empowers more than 1.000 wealth advisors to provide over 30.000 families across Europe with a new experience of wealth management that goes far beyond money. Abbove is transforming the private banking and wealth management industry, it is growing fast and it needs you to build up a sustainable future.

Your mission as Data and Business Analyst

As Data and Business Analyst, you will assume a pivotal role at the crossroads of our product/business experts, developers, and clients, all collaborating on cutting-edge initiatives for a burgeoning wealth-tech scale-up.

Data Analytics:

Abbove is a data-driven company and relies on data to make business decisions. In this context, you will:

  • Coordinate with the Product and Engineering teams to devise an analytics tracking strategy and ensure its successful implementation.
  • Collaborate with the other Abbove teams and management to define the relevant KPIs to monitor.
  • Navigate through the data collections of our Data Warehouse to extract valuable insights.
  • Conduct advanced data analysis to address specific business inquiries.
  • Craft and deploy dashboards (potentially using SQL with tools like Metabase) for Abbove teams, as well as generating reports for our clients.
  • Leverage a product analytics tool (e.g., Mixpanel) to gain insights into our users and their behaviour.

Data Integration:

Abbove is an open platform that excels at seamless integration with our clients and third-party systems. In your role, you’ll:

  • Comprehend our clients’ data and formulate strategies for interfacing with the Abbove app.
  • Develop integration business rules and data flows in close collaboration with our clients.
  • Champion enhancements to our API and our integration technology based on file exchanges.
  • Envision and design novel integration flows with third-party applications, such as external financial and fiscal simulators, as well as new data providers.
  • If you’re up for it, you could even roll up your sleeves and build prototypes and data pipelines in Python.

Functional and Technical Analysis:

At Abbove, we have bold aspirations and are continuously adopting disruptive technologies and product features. Your responsibilities will include:

  • Conducting in-depth functional and technical analyses for new product features in close collaboration with our business experts and developers.
  • Taking ownership as a product owner and project manager for some of our groundbreaking innovations, which may involve data acquisition, data connectivity, and data intelligence.
  • Providing crucial support to our business developers in addressing the functional and technical aspects of our commercial proposals.

Your profile

Working in a scale up environment requires a high-level of professionalism, proactivity and autonomy. We work as a team and everyone can rely on other’s work. If you want to better understand our work environment and culture, have a look a our culture book.

Here are a few hints about the skills that would help you in doing your job as Data and Business Analyst:

  • Bachelor or master’s degree in business, economics, engineering or computer science
  • 3-5 years of professional experience as a business, data analyst, consultant, product manager, …
  • Entrepreneurial spirit. You might not be familiar with all the topics in the scope of your function but you are eager to learn.
  • Outstanding problem-solving skills, particularly when it comes to tackling complex issues at the intersection of business and technology.
  • A keen understanding of the financial sector and a strong passion for software and technology.
  • Coding: this is not mandatory but depending on your interest, knowledge and willingness to learn:
  1. SQL for building reports/dashboards.
  2. Python for working on data pipelines
  3. Testing the Abbove API or other 3rd party APIs.

What we offer

  • A full-time position with substantial responsibilities, encouraging your creativity and personal initiatives.
  • Expert guidance from a seasoned senior data specialist, providing mentorship and growth opportunities.
  • The opportunity to grow with the company and to develop your role accordingly over time.
  • The chance to join a small, young, and talented team that’s not afraid of a bit of fun.
  • An attractive salary package.
  • An energetic, social, and flexible environment with the opportunity to work at our office in Brussels combined with some days of home working

Don’t miss this chance to be part of an exciting journey in the wealth-tech industry. Join Abbove and help shape our future with data analytics, data integration, and disruptive technology. Your expertise is the key to our continued success. Apply now!

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