Data Engineer @ Gorilla in Germany Berlin


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Modern applications are all about data. Whether it’s about data pipelines, databases, data storage or data processing engines; you know your way around the principles and tooling for each!

Performance is your middle name. You code, test, troubleshoot, debug and document data-driven applications. You work on a scalable data processing engine and data pipeline with the latest and greatest technologies in the domain.

Technologies such as Python, Dask, Pandas, Parquet and Papermill don’t sound extraterrestrial to you. You have a clear understanding on how to build, test and deploy a scalable application, and can cope with the complexities that come with integrating them in a larger whole.

At Gorilla, we firmly believe that building a strong product is teamwork. You collaborate in a multidisciplinary team on the best practices around development. To stay ahead, you know it’s important to dive into different and innovative technologies – and you love doing so. Every two weeks, our meetups are the platform for you to share and expand your knowledge and technology expertise. And you’ll always get to learn from your team members too!