Data Scientist @ Daltix in Lisbon


Job description

About the role

As a Data Scientist, you will be an integral part of the team that builds data products such as our Product Matching solution. Your main job is to analyze data and find insights that improve the matching experience. Your insights will help improve machine learning models, the Matching Tool app, and the data models that enable matches. You’ll use your skills to test existing models, compare them, and provide insights for future initiatives.

In this role, you will have the unique opportunity to work with vast volumes of data, such as our 12-billion-row price/promo table, allowing you to hone your skills in analysing large-scale datasets. You will gain exposure to state-of-the-art machine learning models being utilised in production and collaborate with talented Data Scientists and (ML) Engineers to tackle an incredibly challenging and fascinating problem in the retail data space. This position offers a chance to dive deep into various types of data, including product data, location data, pricing data, and price promo data, primarily in text format, but also incorporating images and numerical data.

You will be reporting to the CTO.

What you’ll be doing

  • Perform data analysis to uncover insights and trends.

  • Collaborate with the Data Platform team to work on various projects, including spikes, proofs-of-concept, and research-oriented questions.

  • Contribute to the improvement of the matching experience by providing data-driven insights and recommendations through data analysis.

  • Evaluate machine learning models within the context of our domain, focusing on their performance and relevance while leaving production implementation to other team members.

  • Continuously build domain knowledge to better understand our data, customers, and their needs, enabling you to provide more valuable insights and contribute to the success of our matching experience.

  • Present findings and insights to the Data Platform team, Product Manager, and CTO.

  • Continuously develop your skills in data analysis, visualisation, and communication.

Why Daltix?

At Daltix, we are obsessed with the people making data work.
We believe in integrity, collaboration and a focus on the future.

  • We are an open and joyful space for work.

  • We adopt a human-first approach with all Daltons.

  • We strive for flexibility by nurturing work-life balance. Choose a 4-day (32h) work week if that’s what you need.

  • We are remote-first so our team works where and when they are at their best.

  • We foster a culture of continuous development, learning and reaching goals, with dedicated training budgets available to help you succeed

  • Transparency is in our DNA and we practise this internally and externally.

  • Monthly all team Town Hall meetings to openly discuss important company-wide topics. During these, we gather the team for 2 days at our offices in Portugal (Lisbon) or Belgium (Antwerp).

  • We nurture a culture celebrating our successes and collectively learning from our mistakes.

  • We do frequent after-work events and have an annual offsite to let off steam and have some fun!

If you are a data-driven individual who is passionate about analysing data and providing insights to drive informed decisions, we would love to hear from you. To apply for this role, please submit your resume and a brief cover letter explaining your interest in the position and your experience in data analysis.

Let’s conquer the data jungle together, one pandas DataFrame at a time!

Job requirements

  • At least 2 years of relevant experience working in a similar role in a company. Having worked either in a retail context or startup is a big plus.

  • Proficiency in Python and SQL, with experience using numerical libraries such as pandas, scipy, and numpy, as well as visualisation libraries like matplotlib and seaborn.

    • Familiarity with interactive visualisation libraries like plotly, streamlit, and dash is a plus.

    • Basic understanding of git and GitHub is a MUST.

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills in English, with the ability to explain complex data analysis and models to non-technical stakeholders.

  • Strong problem-solving skills to identify and develop solutions for business problems.

  • Attention to detail, responsible and understanding the importance of keeping deadlines.

  • We love curious people and highly value people who’re curious about our customer’s domain (FMCG retail) in addition to technology.

  • MSc in a relevant field (e.g., Economics, Physics, Mathematics, or Computer Science) is preferred but not mandatory; candidates with an MSc in other fields and a strong background in data analysis will also be considered.

  • Ability to work in a multicultural, collaborative environment.