People Partner @ Deliverect in Toronto, Canada


As a rapidly scaling global SaaS unicorn, Deliverect stands at the forefront of revolutionising technological solutions for the dynamic hospitality and Q-commerce sectors. Our mission is clear: to empower ambitious individuals with the skills and knowledge to make a positive impact on business. Developing in their professional careers, all the while being a part of something larger than themselves.
Omnichannel Innovation
Our omnichannel solution serves as the driving force behind order management for fast-paced operations, providing seamless experiences for businesses and their customers. With real-time insights and analytics, our versatile and adaptable solution caters to businesses of all sizes in the hospitality and Q-commerce industry, spanning restaurants, delivery services, grocery stores, and more. With Deliverect, businesses don’t just survive; they thrive in an ever-changing global landscape.
Unlocking Benefits
Our meticulously crafted solutions provide a multitude of benefits:
Growing Sales: Acting as a catalyst, we propel businesses to expand their customer base, accelerating order processing and improving order delivery times.
Optimised Operations: As specialists in fine-tuning business operations, we elevate overall efficiency while concurrently reducing operational costs.
Elevated Customer Satisfaction: Deliverect supports businesses in offering customers faster delivery times and a seamless ordering experience, ensuring unparalleled customer satisfaction.
Dynamic Team and Values
Embarking on our global expansion journey across strategic hubs in Europe, North America, South America, Oceania, Asia, and the Middle East, Deliverect is fuelled by ambition and mutual respect. Our tight-knit team thrives on continuous enhancements and personal growth.
Guided by unwavering values of ownership, collaboration, and learning, we provide individuals with an environment to conquer challenges and build determination. Our culture is deeply rooted in our growth story, originating from our Belgian startup roots. From our humble beginnings, we defied all odds in unity, transforming into a global force in the tech industry. We leave a positive impact on our customers and the individuals we serve, creating a lasting legacy in our collective journey.
Department Focus
Step into the realm of Deliverect’s People Experience Department—a vibrant ensemble of passionate and innovative professionals wholly dedicated to crafting a workplace where every individual feels valued, supported, and inspired to unleash their best work. We transcend traditional human resources functions, delving deep to build meaningful relationships with our employees, understanding their needs, and developing programmes that truly leave an impact.
Our commitment is unwavering. We’re not just here to manage resources; we’re here to create a workplace where everyone, regardless of background or experience, feels not just welcomed but celebrated. It’s a community where individuality is not just accepted but embraced, creating an environment where you can truly thrive.
Diversity and inclusion aren’t just buzzwords for us; they’re the heart of our mission. From initiatives to training programmes, we champion an inclusive workplace that supports the growth of every employee. Because, in our eyes, our people are our greatest asset. Through dedication and mutual commitment, we invest in their growth and development, ensuring that our compensation packages not only offer support but also serve as launching pads for employees to excel in their careers. Welcome to a team that doesn’t just manage people; we oxidise their potential for excellence.
Your Impact 
At Deliverect, we’re not orchestrating your average HR symphony; we’re leading a cultural revolution. On a mission to redefine the online order landscape, your expertise will be the conductor, guiding our global workforce to unprecedented heights.
This is more than playing by the HR book; it’s about igniting our chorus of people, harmonizing into a high-performance ensemble that fuels our exponential growth. As the architect of our people-powered success story, you’ll craft continent-spanning engagement programs, transform data into actionable insights, and shape the future of excellence in the global online order landscape.

A Typical Day

    • Drive exceptional experiences across our expanding footprint, navigating diverse markets to build a collaborative, high-performing global workforce.
    •  Analyze trends and metrics with precision, translating insights into actionable solutions that optimize performance, retention, and engagement, propelling Deliverect’s trajectory.
    • Handle sensitive employee relations issues with unwavering empathy and expert judgment, upholding fairness and fostering trust across geographically dispersed teams.
    • Equip managers with leadership best practices and coach them to become champions of talent development, cultivating a robust pipeline of high-performing leaders.
    • Design flexible policies and programs that seamlessly adapt to evolving business objectives, ensuring robust HR operations in tandem with company growth.
    • Challenge the status quo and propose bold people strategies that propel Deliverect ahead of the curve, leaving a lasting mark on the global food tech landscape.
    • Navigate the nuances of diverse teams, fostering cross-cultural harmony with finesse and bridging global gaps with unparalleled understanding.
    • Bring your project management expertise to the forefront, ensuring initiatives stay on beat, on budget, and on track to deliver exceptional results.

Your Expertise

    • 5+ years of proven experience as an HR business partner within a high-growth SaaS environment, demonstrating a track record of success in guiding teams through expansion.
    • Fluency in English, with Spanish and French as additional languages a valuable asset
    • Unwavering empathy and expert judgment to navigate complex employee relations with grace and finesse.
    • Cultural awareness and adaptability are your superpowers, allowing you to bridge diverse perspectives and build unified teams.
    • A data-driven mindset, transforming intricate metrics into actionable insights that fuel growth and excellence.
Join Deliverect: Where You Shape Tomorrow’s Success
At Deliverect, we’re not just seeking team members; we’re on the lookout for dynamic individuals who thrive in a fast-paced SaaS environment. We are fuelled by perceptive, ambitious, and determined professionals who embrace challenges and turn them into opportunities for innovation.
What We Bring to the Table:
Unicorn Status: Join a fast-growing SaaS unicorn at the forefront of the order management industry.
Learning Opportunities: We invest in your growth with a dedicated learning budget and clear learning pathways.
Inclusive Policies: Our paternity/maternity policies, enhanced vacation entitlement, and working arrangements reflect our commitment to your success.
Diverse Team: Become part of an international team that values diversity, fostering a culture of transparency and visibility.
A Peek into Life at Deliverect:
Performance-Driven Freedom: Your contributions speak louder than the clock. Achieve flexibility by focusing on what matters—delivering impactful results. Your autonomy in choosing how you achieve success is recognised and celebrated.
Innovation Hub: Immerse yourself in a culture of constant innovation, where weekly releases and new features keep our products at the forefront.
Big Challenges, Bigger Solutions: Be part of a mission to solve some of the global tech industry’s most significant challenges.
Equal Opportunities at Deliverect:
We’re committed to creating an inclusive and diverse workplace. We actively encourage applications from underrepresented individuals, fostering a workplace where everyone is treated with respect and provided equal opportunities to thrive.
Rights to Work:
While we welcome diverse backgrounds, it’s crucial to note that applicants must have the legal right to work in the country of the role. Though we value contributions from various backgrounds, we currently can’t offer financial support for relocation or travel assistance.
Supporting Your Journey:
If you need assistance or support during our recruitment process or require accommodations due to a disability, reach out to us at Join Deliverect, a workplace where culture meets career advancement.