Senior Flutter Developer @ Unbox in Remote


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About Unbox
Unbox® makes it easy to achieve efficient, transparent and targeted distribution of funds – not limited by flexibility, security, scalability, integration, speed ​or innovation. Join our dynamic team with decades of experience and a passion for doing well by doing good.

We’re recruiting a high potential ​Team Lead for our Flutter development ​team, fluent in English, to coordinate the software development and strategy for ​our ever growing product base and ​general technology ​stack.

​We’re looking for someone who considers themselves a high achiever, who’s not afraid of hard work, ownership, and responsibilities. If you’ve tried ‘the 9-5’ and didn’t find it fulfilling or if you’re really looking to put your time and efforts behind something that matters, come join us. We’re (re)building better societies and are looking for the best to (re)build it with.

About you
  • Master Dart and standard DART libs
  • Understand the Flutter layout system
  • Know the Flutter widgets of standard LIB
  • Be familiar with the Flutter Theme System
  • Be familiar with localization using L10N
  • Be familiar with state management packages different from Provider, Riverpod and Block particularly.
  • Be familiar with code generation using Build_runner & (freeze, chopper, …)
  • Routing / URL handling / deeplinks: Go_Router
  • CI/CD with GitHub Actions and Fastlane


  • Set up tests (unit, end-to-end & Automated (selenium, puppeteer,…))
  • Add logging and crash report

About the role
  • Besides the development you provide and depending on the budget, we will add additional developers to the Flutter team
  • Startup mindset is a must
  • 100% remote
  • Working on very advanced tech (ffi, webAssembly, decentralization, cryptography,…)
  • Working for a startup with a purpose on projects for building better societies
About us

At Unbox we are reprogramming behavior and redefining funding distribution within closed loop network.

Our mission is to make the world a better place by keeping evil out of money and (re)building better societies based on social cohesion, environmentalism, and equality.