Devops / Security Engineer @ Qargo in Zuiderpoort – Gent, Belgium


Qargo Introduction
Qargo is an innovative tech start-up with teams based out of London and Ghent. We’re on a mission to transform the logistics ​sector by making it more efficient, profitable, and sustainable. We are building the most user-friendly and intuitive Transport Management System (TMS) on the market that automates administrative processes and optimizes planning. To help us achieve our ambitious growth plans, we’re expanding our engineering team and seeking a talented Devops / Security Engineer to join us. If you’re passionate about cloud engineering, scalability, database optimization, and security, and want to be part of an exciting journey to transform the transport industry, this is the opportunity for you!
In this role, you’ll…
✅ Take ownership of cloud engineering and setup, ensuring the scalability, performance, and reliability of our services and databases.
✅ Optimize databases, including PostgreSQL and Firestore, to enhance performance and efficiency.
✅ Develop and refine monitoring strategies and tools to continuously improve the performance and reliability of our environments both on the application and infrastructure level.
✅ Develop and maintain backup strategies to ensure data integrity and availability.
✅ Collaborate with cross-functional teams, sharing your expertise and contributing to technical decisions and solutions.
✅ Implement and maintain robust CI/CD pipelines to enable automated building, testing, and deployment of applications and infrastructure.
✅ Utilise and configure testing frameworks to ensure the reliability and quality of our software and systems.
✅ Play a key role in preparing Qargo for ISO certification, actively contributing to the necessary processes and requirements.
✅ Implement security measures such as dependency management, updates, and penetration testing to safeguard our systems and data.
✅ Drive security initiatives, including vulnerability assessments, threat modeling, and security code reviews, to proactively identify and mitigate risks and ensure the highest level of data and system security.
Your Profile
✅ A degree in Computer Science engineering, or relevant industry experience.
✅ Strong experience in cloud-native systems design, architecture, and implementation.
✅ Working experience with cloud services, preferably with Google Cloud.
✅ Proficiency in modern backend technologies and web frameworks, preferably in Python.
✅ Expertise in SQL and/or NoSQL database operations.
✅ Familiarity with Git in a professional environment and a working knowledge of DevOps practices.
​✅ Experience with cloud and application security (e.g. used a security management, data risk & compliance monitoring platform). ISO 27001/SOC2 experience is a plus.
✅ Excellent problem-solving skills, a collaborative mindset, and effective communication abilities.
✅ A passion for software engineering, product development, and continuous learning.
We Offer
✅ An exciting opportunity to work with challenging and varied technologies.
✅ A flexible work environment that accommodates your needs.
✅ A green office with a great atmosphere.
✅ A role with a lot of responsibility, ownership, and impact.
✅ The chance to grow with us and achieve your career aspirations.

If you’re seeking a fulfilling role in a fast-paced and dynamic start-up environment, where you’ll have the opportunity to shape the future of the logistics industry, Qargo could be the perfect fit for you. Apply now and be part of our transformative journey!

About us

Want to be trusted to take ownership of your work, with freedom to experiment? Excited about solving big problems and changing an industry? Keen to see your work have an impact – fast?

At Qargo, we’re technologists and industry experts who’ve come together to help the trillion-dollar logistics sector become more sustainable and profitable.

An astounding 4 out of every 10 trucking miles are empty, costing the industry $100 billion a year – and producing more carbon emissions than every international flight combined. Transport firms currently waste time with inefficient processes and paperwork, missing opportunities for better communication and collaboration.

We built Qargo because the industry deserves better. Our solution eliminates tedious manual processes, helps carriers use their resources more effectively, and embeds digital collaboration in their day-to-day workflows.

With Qargo, the industry can optimise loads, lower costs and cut emissions.

If you’d like to build a better way forward, and be a driving force in an inspired team – come and join us at Qargo.