Front-end Developer @ Futureproofed in Leuven, Belgium


+32 16 24 29 70

Who we are

Sweco shapes sustainable communities and cities of the future. Futureproofed (part of Sweco) provides climate tech with a human touch. Our SaaS products help cities and companies implement useful climate action. Because we believe accelerating to a fossil-free, sustainable future is the biggest opportunity in a century for both cities and businesses.

Since merging with Sweco, Futureproofed is strengthening its Product Team in order to speed up the development of its products and, ultimately, create more impact.

Job description

You’ll become part of our nimble but well-oiled Product Team: a group of enthusiastic developers and data experts, embedded in an established, knowledgeable company with international clients and colleagues. Climate action is what we aim for with both of our SaaS products. One tailored to cities, to create, manage and follow up on their climate plan. The other to companies, to measure, reduce and report on their carbon footprint.

Our tech stack is industry standard and continuously being modernised. We use AWS, SQL, Node.js, Vue.js and various other frameworks. We work in sprints, adhere to continuous integration and have daily standups. We’re pragmatic and are open for improvements on all fronts.

Your responsibilities:

  • You write Javascript, HTML and CSS to turn designs and prototypes into working, usable screens and components.
  • You can work pixel-perfect, but you also have your own eye for UX
  • Once in a while you cross over to the back-end side to assist in tasks there.
  • You‘ll create modular elements and shared styles to use in both of our products.
  • You have a knack for (micro)animations and you feel how they improve the usability.
  • Webpack, D3, Lint, SASS, BEM. Most of them are familiar or ring a bell
  • Knowing your way around AWS is nice to have, but not necessary

Who we’re looking for

  • You love to code and you have adequate knowledge of front-end technologies like Vue.js or React.
  • You are already (or want to become) familiar with common software engineering practices like git, unit testing, code documentation, continuous integration, dependency management, monitoring, version management, etc.
  • You have a decent grasp on web technologies and API development (JSON, OAuth, …).
  • You have some understanding of database design concepts.
  • You know how to talk to people as much as to computers.
  • You are eager to learn from your colleagues, soak up their wisdom, broaden your skill set and build experience.
  • At the same time, you’re ready to bring a breath of fresh air into the company. You‘re open to learn our ways of product development and challenge it with your insights and suggestions.
  • Next to Javascript, HTML & CSS you also speak fluent Dutch and English. Douze points extra for French.
  • You have a healthy interest and affinity with the climate challenges we face. You’re enthusiastic about working in a meaningful job, for a company with a clear purpose.

What we offer

  • A full-time, permanent contract.
  • A high degree of professional and personal development.
  • A competitive and innovative salary package with extra benefits (our Flex Income Plan allows you to choose what fits your situation best).
  • Various extra mobility options like pool bikes, pool cars, public transport, etc.
  • A broad array of learning and development options, both in internally in our Sweco Academy as externally.
  • A meaningful work experience where you’re actively contributing in making the world a better place.
  • Flexibility in working hours and location. Our home base is in Leuven but we have offices around the country.
  • A very pleasant working atmosphere among a team of engaged professionals: developers, consultants, experts, architects, spatial planners, designers, engineers, etc.