FRONTEND ENGINEER @ Awingu in Belgium


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Looking for a challenge? We’ve got you covered!

Are you a team player, eager to learn, passionate, looking for something fresh? Then strengthen our team at Awingu and help us develop, migrate and maintain multiple web applications!

Develop? You’ll be listening to my ideas?

Yes! Every release contains new features. Your task is to design a solution that not only looks great but also has good UX. This highly agile, iterative software development process happens together with the cross functional development team using the scrum framework.

Migrating? Sounds boring!

Far from boring! Currently we have multiple projects depending on Angular, AngularJs and vanilla JS. We’re in the process of migrating some of our projects from AngularJS to Angular. It’s quite the undertaking but an interesting one. It allows us to reevaluate code and identify potential future problems and performance issues. Some of our AngularJS projects might be merged into a new project using the latest technologies!

Maintenance! We get time for that?

Of course! It’s important that we maintain our dependencies so that we can deliver an up to date and secure solution to our customers.

What about the backend?

You can dig into the Django DRF API (Python) or/and our RDP Gateway (Java) if you are up to it! Full stack knowledge is a bonus but certainly not a requirement.

Do I need experience?

Yes, but experience is not measured in years. We value passion, out of the box thinking and the will to solve problems more!

A solid understanding of semantic HTML, CSS and core JavaScript & TypeScript concepts are a must. Knowledge of Angular, AngularJS, an reactive programming are a bonus.

Wait, what is Awingu?

We’re a scale-up company located works in a brand new office inside the Ghelamco Arena in Ghent. As we are a small company, everyone will know you and you will know everyone.

We offer a central workspace to our business customers. With our workspace, they can allow their employees to access work from anywhere, anytime and from any device, even if their ICT infrastructure is not cloud-ready yet. All access securely happens web-based.

What we have to offer:
  • A challenging environment with lots of opportunities to learn

  • Strong impact on architecture/product decisions

  • The opportunity to grow as a person and as an engineer and take more responsibilities

  • A competitive compensation package