Mobile App Developer with Security Ambitions (iOS/Android) @ Guardsquare in Leuven (BE)


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To join our R&D team in Leuven, Guardsquare is hiring an experienced iOS and/or Android app developer who’s looking to apply their skills outside of traditional app development!

We’re looking for someone who’s intrigued by the security aspects of mobile apps, the impact on the development cycle, and wants to use their knowledge to build mobile security tools. Someone who’s looking to broaden their horizons and take a step back from app development. 

You are either 

  • an Android Developer who’s looking to dig into the Android and Java internals and sharpen their Java skills, 
  • an iOS developer who’s intrigued by LLVM and wants to develop their C++ abilities, 
  • or maybe you are an expert on both platforms!

You have a thorough understanding of the mobile application development process (including finetuning, performance testing, security testing, releasing, …) and a passion and interest for the ecosystem and its internals. You’re not scared to look under the hood and figure out how apps work, how they are built and/or how they interact with the Android/iOS operating system. In fact, you want to learn more about it!  You know what really matters for mobile application developers and  you want to use this knowledge to work on   developer tooling that offers the best protection with the best user experience!



  • Make sure our developers select the right protection mechanisms with the best security/performance ratio.
  • Propose improvements to how our tools are used and configured, minimizing the effort for the app developer while maximizing the resulting security level.
  • Understand the tradeoffs developers make, and propose mechanisms to facilitate these choices. 
  • Maintain and improve our existing Java or C++ code base.
  • Stay up-to-date with reverse engineering practices.
  • Research, test and implement additional code hardening techniques.
  • Support customers in the usage of our software.
  • Continuously improve the code quality through extensive testing.



  • You’re a senior Android or iOS mobile application developer, who’s excited about security and application performance.
  • You want to learn more about the details of security in mobile applications.
  • You’ve always wondered what the compiler does with your source code.
  • You have a degree in a Computer Science related field.
  • Experience in Java/Kotlin (Android) or C++ (iOS)
  • Interest in compiler technology: Java bytecode or familiarity with LLVM tools and libraries.
  • Hands-on experience with App developer tools and App development concepts
    • Android: ProGuard, R8, AGP, Espresso testing, Jetpack Compose …
    • iOS: Xcode, Fastlane, cocoapods, SwiftUI, Instruments, … 


What Guardsquare offers you

  • A full time job with a competitive salary package
  • You are provided with the tools & flexibility to develop yourself successfully 
  • An international environment where you will interact with motivated & open colleagues with different backgrounds
  • A workplace where you can share and implement your ideas
  • A hybrid work policy, which helps guarantee an excellent work-life balance


At Guardsquare, we take pride in being a diverse and multicultural company with team members representing numerous nationalities. We value different perspectives and opinions throughout the business which has contributed to our being the market leader in mobile application security. 

You will be part of a dynamic team that strives for excellence and focuses on continuous education and enhancement in skills. We encourage & empower our trusted colleagues to share their opinions, actively collaborate, and continue to learn and grow.


So, what are you waiting for? Join us! 

You can apply for this opportunity by filling out the application form below! 


About Guardsquare

Guardsquare offers the most complete approach to mobile application security on the market. Built on the open source ProGuard technology, Guardsquare’s software integrates seamlessly across the development cycle. From app security testing to code hardening to real-time visibility into the threat landscape, Guardsquare solutions provide enhanced mobile application security from early in the development process through publication.

More than 900 customers worldwide across all major industries rely on Guardsquare to help them identify security risks and protect their mobile applications against reverse engineering and tampering.

Guardsquare is based in Leuven (Belgium) with offices in Ghent (Belgium), Boston (USA) and Munich (Germany).