Product Manager (SaaS) @ Futureproofed in Leuven, Belgium


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Who we are

Sweco shapes sustainable communities and cities of the future. Futureproofed (part of Sweco) provides climate tech with a human touch. Our SaaS products help cities and companies implement useful climate action. Because we believe accelerating to a fossil-free, sustainable future is the biggest opportunity in a century for both cities and businesses.

Since merging with Sweco, Futureproofed is strengthening its Product Team in order to speed up the development of its products and, ultimately, create more impact.

Job description

You’ll lead our nimble but well-oiled Product Team: a group of enthusiastic developers, UX and data experts, embedded in an established, knowledgeable company with international clients and colleagues. Climate action is what we aim for, with both of our SaaS products. One tailored to cities, to create, manage and follow up on their climate plan. The other to companies, to measure, reduce and report on their carbon footprint. You’ll manage both.

You’ll join the company at an exciting, pivotal moment. Futureproofed has recently merged with Sweco, opening up possibilities to tap into a vastly larger market and unlocking more capacity for the Product Team. The team will grow dramatically, the challenges will be substantial, but the opportunities will be even greater. The road is wide open. You’ll take the wheel and guide our SaaS products into a sustainable future.

Your responsibilities

    <li>TL;DR You ensure that our products work as intended and live up to the expectations of our current and future clients.
  • On a strategic level, you set the right priorities. You translate them to OKRs and yearly or quarterly roadmaps. You consult with other stakeholders to fit the Product Team objectives seamless into those of the broader company.
  • You listen to colleagues and users. You collect their feedback and requests. You prioritise them based on climate impact, feasibility, revenue potential or other criteria that you see fit.
  • You manage the daily development of our SaaS platforms: you initially lead the current Product Sprint Meetings and daily stand-ups. If need be, you introduce other methods that align the Product Team and result in smoother software cycles.
  • You analyse progress based on data. You close the loop between the products’ intention and the reality. You correct the course when needed.
  • You manage the people and safeguard the health of the Product Team. You support your colleagues in their professional and personal development. You check-in with them regularly. You detect when change is needed, capacity must increase, focus needs to shift, etc.

Who we’re looking for

  • You’re a people’s person. You have experience in successfully leading a team and the references to prove it. You are respected but pragmatic in your people management skills.
  • You have experience working in SaaS start-ups or scale-ups. You understand the intricacies of software development and how product features contribute to both revenue and impact.
  • You have a keen mind for abstracting problems. You can see the forest for the trees, you can take decisions and you know how to justify them.
  • You are ambitious and eager to scale up and professionalise our software development. The bar is high, but you know how to reach it.

What we offer

  • A full-time, permanent contract.
  • A key position that offers a high degree of professional and personal development.
  • A competitive and innovative salary package with extra benefits (our Flex Income Plan allows you to choose what fits your situation best).
  • Various extra mobility options like pool bikes, pool cars, public transport, etc.
  • A broad array of learning and development options, both in internally in our Sweco Academy as externally.
  • A meaningful work experience where you’re actively contributing in making the world a better place.
  • Flexibility in working hours and location. Our home base is in Leuven but we have offices around the country.
  • A very pleasant working atmosphere among a team of engaged professionals: developers, consultants, experts, architects, spatial planners, designers, engineers, etc.