Product configurator builder @ Merkato software in Antwerp

Sell it Easy

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Internship that may lead to a permanent job offering: Sell it Easy sells and implements Merkato, the premium product & sales configuration software.  With our software, we make it easy to link product expertise to data already in CRM/ERP applications. Doing so, one or multiple configurators are generated that ensure sales staff can easily sell technically complex products. Product configuration is becoming a hot topic as companies find it more difficult to attract a skilled sales force and while they want to expand internationally.

One of our projects relates to Magazena, a digital sales platform via which various vendors of IoT-technology offer their hardware and software. Behind the scenes, Merkato is used to build solutions encompassing products from one or multiple vendors. The product configurator builder is the person who translates the experts’ product knowledge into rules. These rules are grouped into templates that are pushed to the Magazena shop as configurators.

Each combination of products gives rise to specific use cases. The configuration builder is therefore the perfect person to help prepare the right marketing campaigns for selected companies. This includes the combination of:

  • Describing the use case
  • Development of a landing page per use case
  • Determine the target group for this use case
  • Selecting companies for which this is important
  • Identifying the appropriate contact persons within those companies

Desired profile
This internship makes it possible for someone with a broad interest in the marketing and sale of technical products to gain knowledge and experience regarding all business aspects that lead to a successful sale. You can learn this if you have:

  • interest in selling technically complex products
  • interest in IT & IoT
  • interest in converting knowledge into parametric models
  • interest in converting product knowledge into a commercially attractive story

A better than average mathematical insight makes it easy for you to connect logical connections and express them in formulas.
You get along well with standard office applications and are not afraid to experiment with more advanced software applications.
Multilingualism is expected as standard: at least Dutch and English, preferably also French.
You can work independently and ask for support in time, in order to bring your assignments to a successful conclusion.
You are a smooth communicator, which will come in handy in your contacts with our suppliers to get to know their products (better).
You have the competence to view a product in different ways (as a seller and as a buyer).

We offer

We provide Merkato CPQ training and ongoing guidance and support. Regular contacts with the respective suppliers will be necessary to ensure sufficient product knowledge.

We work in an agile way. This means that we break the assignment into logical chunks and verify daily how well we manage to make progress and what additional support is required to successfully complete our assignments. Working from the home office is possible. We meet at least once a week, either in an office in Antwerp (The Beacon) or at another location (Gent, Brussels, Li├Ęge).

Since all work is carried out ‘in the cloud’, we can work according to the ‘bring your own device’ principle. If required, we provide a laptop for the duration of the internship.

The internship is unpaid. Naturally, we provide an expense allowance. If this is what you seeking for, the internship can lead to a permanent job offer.