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Passionate about software engineering and IT security? Join our Solutions engineering team!

Our technology

We develop the successful open-source project ProGuard and the cutting-edge mobile security products DexGuard and iXGuard. Using compiler technology, obfuscation, encryption and optimization techniques we make applications smaller, faster, and more hardened against reverse engineering and tampering.   


We are looking for a Bachelor’s or Master’s in Computer Science with excellent verbal and written communication skills in English and a first experience in coding.

Useful skills

  • A dynamic and engaging presentation style that inspires confidence
  • Experience with Linux, Windows, and Apple
  • Knowledge of information security
  • Familiarity with Android and/or iOS app development
  • Familiarity with Proguard or Dexguard
  • Familiarity with Android Studio and the Android build tools
  • Familiarity with the XCode build process
  • Experience with reverse engineering and the commonly used tools


Guardsquare is a software product company with small international teams that want to solve challenging problems, create cutting-edge products, and offer high-quality services. You will be part of the solutions engineer team that works at the intersection between sales and engineering. You are able to articulate technology and product positioning at the executive, business and technical levels. You are the primary technical support for the sales force and are responsible for actively driving and managing the technology evaluation stage of the sales process. You’re responsible for raising awareness internally on the evolution of mobile security and the needs of our customers.

Key responsibilities:

  • Give presentations about our products and mobile security at conferences, seminars, etc.
  • Give webinars, training and consultancy about our products and about mobile security.
  • Assists prospects with technical queries. Our customers include individual developers and top brands in various industries, providing unique feedback to constantly learn and improve our software.
  • You’ll also assist companies that are doing a Proof of Concept with our products.
  • Help the customers optimize their product setup.
  • Get the opportunity to research the latest mobile security and hacking technologies.
  • Provide timely and insightful input back to engineering, product management and marketing.

What we offer

  • Challenging, interesting and diversified work.
  • The opportunity to improve your skills on a personal and a technological level.
  • An attractive salary package with health, dental and other benefits 
  • An inspiring work environment with smart colleagues in the Boston office


At Guardsquare, we take pride in being a diverse and multicultural company with team members representing numerous nationalities. We value different perspectives and opinions throughout the business which has contributed to our being the market leader in mobile application security. 

You will be part of a dynamic team that strives for excellence and focuses on continuous education and enhancement in skills. We encourage & empower our trusted colleagues to share their opinions, actively collaborate, and continue to learn and grow.

So, what are you waiting for? Join us! 

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About us

Guardsquare offers the most complete approach to mobile application security on the market. Built on the open source ProGuard technology, Guardsquare’s software integrates seamlessly across the development cycle. From app security testing to code hardening to real-time visibility into the threat landscape, Guardsquare solutions provide enhanced mobile application security from early in the development process through publication.

More than 900 customers worldwide across all major industries rely on Guardsquare to help them identify security risks and protect their mobile applications against reverse engineering and tampering.

Guardsquare is based in Leuven (Belgium) with offices in Boston (USA) and Munich (Germany).


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