Test Engineer @ Gorilla in Belgium Antwerp


+32 78 259 034

To apply for this job please visit apply.workable.com.

You’re allergic to bugs and you can find the smallest glitches in any application. Failing tests are your worst nightmare; ensuring quality is your main concern.

From the start, you’re involved in testing Gorilla. Working closely with our project manager and engineers, you challenge user stories, conduct risk analyses and create test cases based on the product and client requirements. During development, you work together with the product and client delivery team to get all tests passed. You document and report issues and perform acceptance testing. In the end, you concisely visualise the product’s health in a test report for the entire product team.

Apart from performing the test workflow, you also see the bigger picture. You make sure the importance of quality control and test-driven development seeps into the mind and workflow of every engineer you collaborate with. You write comprehensive test plans for manual and automated testing, and work together with our engineers to get the automated tests implemented. You always nudge your colleagues towards the best practices in security and performance test setup and implementation.