Customer success manager @ Payflip in Deinze, Belgium



Payflip is growing faaaast, and is looking for a CS hero! Do you also believe that salaries are not just numbers? Always wanted to strengthen the purchase power of 11 million Belgians? Gifted by a knack for client relationships? We want you!

About us

Payflip strives to become the most logical solution for employees to get compensated at work. Flexible pay in the palm of your hand , sounds good right?

We believe that every employee should be in control of their own salary, making employees financially happier and more engaged with their companies. Salaries shouldn’t be just numbers, right?

We are a fresh, fast-growing startup with a happy bundle of software engineers, product specialists, business developers & customer success managers.

Becoming part of the Payflip team means that you join a close-knit team where you will take on solid responsibilities. Let’s say that a Payflip’er smells the opportunity of ownership from miles away!

About the role

For our Belgian market, we are hiring a customer success manager that wants to play a crucial role in the client experience strategy of Payflip.

Not only will you manage clients from head to toe, you will also co-design the foundations of a scalable customer success team (strong communication strategy, scalable segmentation approach, innovative health scoring system,…).

Next to the strategic part of the role, you will not hold back to make your hands dirty and test your own projects in practice; Together with the team and Payflip’s CEO, you are determined to serve hundreds of clients the same strong, self-defined customer experience.

About you

  • You are a passionate customer success manager with more than 2 years of experience.
  • You are thrilled to be the go-to person for clients and make sure they become the best Payflip ambassadors we could wish for.
  • You are excited to put existing (operational) methods under scrutiny, and take concrete steps to improve processes.
  • You are self-starting, pragmatic and a ‘go getter’. We value people that learn from mistakes and improve themselves every day.
  • You speak Dutch and English fluently.

Not ticking all the boxes? Don’t worry. Superheroes don’t exist, people with passion and talent do!

What’s in it for you?

We want to be as close to our mission and therefore provide the most optimized salary package in the Belgian SME market. You will receive…

  • Competitive cash salary based on our transparent salary grid here
  • Meaningful equity
  • Top-notch flexible reward plan
  • Alan healthcare package
  • Monizze meal vouchers
  • Mobility budget or car
  • Remote and or office work as much as you prefer

Payflip culture

Our company culture revolves around 3 pillars:

  • Transparency
  • Eagerness to learn
  • Ownership

We are 100% transparent with everything that happens in the company. We tell each other everything. There is not even one Google Drive file in our archive that is not accessible for all.

We invest in self-improvement. That is why you have at least 1 day per month that is dedicated to learning. Together with the other members of your hub, you try to investigate an interesting market trend or to fix a company inefficiency you choose yourself, with the methodology of your preference.

As we are a small team, we’d better all make our hands dirty if we want to step up our game. In order to thrive, you will have to come out of your comfort zone and take up responsibilities, just like all of us.

At Payflip, everyone is an entrepreneur!

And because we walk the talk, each team member receives meaningful equity of the company (see below). Growing together at its best!