VP Engineering @ Cumul.io in Leuven


Job description

Cumul.io is looking for a VP Engineering to lead the engineering department at Cumul.io and help us continue building a great SaaS product. 
Cumul.io is a Belgian & US-based technology company, with offices in New York, Leuven & Genk serving 250+ clients with a team of 40+ people spread globally. We provide a low-code platform for data analysis with seamless integration into other SaaS platforms or applications. Founded in 2015 Cumul.io answers the increasing demand for easy and accessible data analysis tools and integrations. Cumul.io ’s headquarter is in Leuven, Belgium with a subsidiary in New York, USA.

In this role you:

  • Ensure product reliability and availability and manage and optimize the software delivery practices and process

  • Lead the development and implementation of new product features and sustainable product growth

  • Manage all software development plans from ideation to execution, set goals, prioritize, plan resources and timelines and deliver upon them

  • Ensure compliance with security regulations and quality standards

  • Lead the engineering department, develop strategies and OKRs and prepare the budget of the team

  • Lead your people and teams: hire, make your people grow, coordinate with the team leads of the squads (today backend and frontend) and individual team members

  • Keep up-to-date with new technological developments and offer expert guidance

  • Look into the long-term strategies for future development together with our CTO

  • Build and maintain good working relationships, liaise with other departments to ensure the smooth running of operations, make sure the product meets the customer’s needs and our common growth ambition.

Job requirements

The key requirements for the job are

  • Master degree in Computer Science, Computer engineering or relevant field

  • Previous experience as CTO / Director / VP of engineering

  • Strong software engineering background and knowledge of software engineering best practices and processes

  • Track record of success in developing and delivering successful products and services.

  • Demonstrated ability to deliver complex engineering projects on time and on budget, excellent project management and organizational skills

  • Strong understanding of quality assurance processes and best practices

  • Proven experience leading, motivating and developing engineering teams and working with remote teams

  • Effective communication and collaboration

  • Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills

What we offer

  • A new role at the heart of a growing SaaS scale up

  • A competitive salary with fringe benefits

  • Unlimited paid time off

  • International get-togethers

  • Hybrid work environment, with regular presence at the Leuven office

  • The best people to work with

How we work

  • Empower the success of our customers – Empowering our customers is always placed at the very heart of Cumul.io. Our ability to deliver on our promise will determine the future of our organization.

  • Accomplish daily – We prefer to tackle challenges via small working pieces rather than one “work in progress”. Through incremental learning we accomplish greater, bigger things.

  • Innovate fearlessly – Just because something hasn’t been done doesn’t mean it can’t be. At Cumul.io all teams innovate fearlessly. We aim high and raise the bar every day.