VP Marketing @ Silverfin in London / Ghent


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Who we are?
Silverfin is a cloud first solution that enables accountants to streamline significant parts of their workload and spend more time on value adding activities. 
Silverfin solves a very real problem: it automates repetitive post accounting tasks,  freeing up resources and capacity, ensuring consistency and data driven accuracy, including AI driven insights, provides scalable process control and improves communication with the firms’ clients. 
Recognised as an industry leader, we have picked up many accolades, including In 2021 winning Deloitte Belgium’s Technology Fast 50 award for most sustainable growth – an award given to the company with the best percentage growth over the last four years. 
Our headquarters is in Gent Belgium, from where we have successfully launched activities in BeNeLux and the UK. From all our offices and via our remote teams, we’re serving a strongly growing customer base, including the big 4, in 15 countries with 180+ colleagues. Since November 2023 we are proudly part of  Visma – the European leader in mission-critical cloud software, enjoying the power of the Visma brand and resources whilst retaining business autonomy and go-to-market freedom.
How would you support our success?
Your role
As the VP Marketing, you play a pivotal role in defining, implementing and owning the Silverfin end-to-end marketing strategy. This strategy will be aligned with the overall business objective to deliver revenue growth by focusing on increased demand generation across our commercial business units (BE, UK, Platform and Emerging Markets) and the delivery of “core” centralised marketing functions. You will work closely with other members of the leadership team in this strategic, operational, and highly visible role in the business. 
Reporting directly to the CEO, and having developed strong relationships with the BU leaders, you will own the marketing KPIs, marketing budget and marketing metrics and ensure insightful reporting on marketing ROI. You will balance out the best practices of marketing such as brand, product marketing and website/digital, with the practical needs of the operational leaders such as lead creation, campaigns and customer marketing. 
As part of the leadership team, you are also a strong contributor to the overall business strategy. 
We require a significant focus on effective marketing strategy, go to market plans, lead generation through account based marketing (ABM) campaigns, content and digital presence, thought leadership and brand recognition, automated customer journey’s, product marketing, and support to sales enablement initiatives. 
Internally this role works closely with:
– Our market focused Business Unit Leaders 
– The sales leaders inside the market BUs looking for marketing to support acquisition and expansion pipeline creation 
– The Cx leaders inside the market BUs looking for marketing to support customer retention and satisfaction activities 
– Leaders in Product Management and Technology 
– Our global People team 
– Our global Finance team 
Externally, the role works closely with: 
– Customers and prospects 
– Industry event partners 
– Industry associations and membership bodies that have our target market as members 
– Other SaaS ecosystem partners that serve and support our customers 
– Commercial organisations that we have relationships with to execute marketing activity 
You will receive support as required from the wider organisation and functional leaders in People and Finance. 
What would you do to drive our success?
Your responsibilities
Championing and ownership of Silverfin’s global marketing strategy, ensuring marketing strategy is aligned with business strategy and well integrated and communicated throughout the organisation.
Ensuring (in partnership with the BU leaders) that marketing team members produce business unit marketing plans, aligned to both the overall marketing strategy and the localised GTM plans, and are fully accountable for marketing execution under these plans. 
Collaborating strongly with business units in the measurement and review of execution outcomes – providing inputs into strategy and plan revisions as needed. 
Leadership and people coaching
Building and managing a motivated, continuously learning and highly performing team with a growth mindset and a product and customer-centric focus.
Defining clear roles, responsibilities and KPIs for all team members, ensuring strong collaboration and alignment for consistent and relevant core marketing and successful BU level execution. 
Coaching and nurturing team members, building team culture and supporting career plans for individuals as they grow.
Data driven marketing
Ensure marketing activities are measurable and managed to plans and goals and that data is used to guide decision-making wherever possible.
Ensure regular and easy to access clarity on key marketing SaaS metrics such as Campaign ROI, CAC, LTV to CAC ratio, Website visitor levels, lead velocity rate and relevant conversion and engagement ratios at the MQL and SQL level.
Ensure quantitative and qualitative data is captured to understand lead source, where marketing spend generates the best returns, how experiments perform and how external parties are contributing to success e.g. advertising ROI, content quality, SEM, event success. 
Market, Customer Research and Value Proposition 
Develop our marketing capability to conduct market analysis, competitive research (ensuring a diligent understanding of market trends), and understand competitive threats and market TAM (both actual and potential).
Ensuring a thorough approach to market segmentation, customer buying needs and journeys, ICPs  and buyer and user personas. Ensure these are informing marketing positioning and activities for stronger targeting and increased relevance.
Ensure the marketing team has an excellent understanding of the Silverfin product value for target segments and creates strong value propositions to support positioning, messaging and tactical execution.
Digital, Marketing Automation and AI
Improve the use of the Silverfin website as a key marketing channel and a significant digital asset. 
Drive use of web analytics and tools and insights to optimise digital content & improve the Silverfin marketing execution. 
Manage Silverfin’s social channels and digital accounts and the production of videos and other digital assets for case studies and other digital content opportunities. 
Utilise and optimise technology to reengineer and standardise marketing processes, supporting the team to use best practice. Ensure AI tooling is factored in where possible.
Ensuring that core technologies such as Hubspot and salesforce.com are fully utilised and integrated to deliver multi-touchpoint and multi-channel targeted, workflow-driven lead generation campaigns, measured through revenue contribution.
Demand Generation, Lead Management and revenue retention 
Build and drive successful lead generation at scale, focusing on how the marketing strategy impacts revenue. Manage and report on sales funnel activities, process and performance. 
Work closely with the business unit GMs to understand their objectives and marketing and sales challenges across geographies, segments and channels. 
Optimise lead generation through nurturing strategy to improve lead funnel for sales and tracking of conversions in Salesforce. 
Supporting sales enablement in the BUs with relevant messaging, content and sales tools. 
Drive efforts to support the achievement of sales targets, developing successful ABM and revenue maximisation programs that ensure customer satisfaction and retention.
Product and Content Marketing 
Bring the various Silverfin value propositions to life and ensure they are leveraged consistently throughout the organisation – in marketing, sales, product, customer success, etc. 
Develop a content marketing strategy alongside Product Management that clearly inspires, informs and nurtures our target markets. Implement a Content strategy that ensures we create and market content that’s relevant and engaging and strengthens Google’s understanding of our website and its topical authority. 
Work closely with the Product and Technology teams to define and execute product led growth aligned marketing strategies. 
Work with Product Management and to improve product marketing capabilities and Go-to-Market strategies.
Contribute significantly to product and service pricing, packaging and positioning strategy.
Retention and Expansion 
Ensure customer communications are managed and aligned with Cx priorities of building advocacy and ARPA growth. 
Manage the development and execution of communication plans to support customer retention and expansion targets. 
Brand, Design, PR and communications 
Strategically develop a consistent, unified branding strategy that builds a differentiated narrative that resonates with Silverfin prospects and customers and that differentiates Silverfin from others in the market and competition. 
Ownership of internal & external communications, branding adherence, consistency, cadence; creating consistency of messaging while not compromising on local relevance and impact, Ensure creative and design assets are well managed and relevant.
Share ownership of Employer branding in partnership with the People team. 
Work with the GMs, the executive team and co-founders to prioritise & identify thought leadership opportunities aligned with brand strategy and sales objectives.
Conferences and events are integrated into the overall lead generation framework; the company is well represented at all major relevant conferences and industry forums and the events’ effectiveness is measured through quantifiable ROIs. 
Supporting the leadership team in cascading Purpose, Vision and strategies, driving comprehension and engagement to deliver a high-performance culture internally. 
Champion the Silverfin brand and value proposition internally and externally 
Effectively manage third party/external marketing supplier relationships and agreements for service and manage budgets and costs inline with Ro40 frameworks and a lean mindset. 
Contribute to company and board reporting and present to the board as required. 
Own and efficiently scale the marketing budget, allocating spending and optimising a blend of channels to hit growth targets efficiently, while thinking long term and being resourceful. 
Balance the marketing agenda and priorities with purpose and pace. Ensure allocation and attribution data informs results. Be able to balance proactive and reactive needs that will always exceed available resources.
What would success look like?
Your performance & accountability
Performance and Accountability 
We ask that you learn and take manageable risks, expect and interpret feedback on your performance, and have an open mind for personal training and development opportunities as they arise. We ask all our staff to speak up and contribute to team discussions, planning and other operational conversations.
Your voice is valuable and through these interactions you will grow and contribute more to our business goals. 
We are increasing our focus on the right metrics to drive performance and you will be comfortable with this focus.  We work hard to ensure great performance is acknowledged and recognised and that outcomes are reliable and meet stakeholder expectations. You will report on and understand key business as well as product specific metrics and can translate these to managers and teams so that visibility and transparency of how we are doing is available to all.
Outcomes that will be achieved 
Success in the Marketing VP role would ensure the following outcomes: 
– Marketing strategy refreshed at least annually in line with budgeting timelines 
– A compelling value proposition for all markets is produced and internal stakeholders are aware of and aligned to it 
– Monthly marketing reporting is provided that shows marketing ROI is sound and metrics are improving 
– Marketing investment decisions are lean/focused and the CAC payback period is trending downwards
– Internal stakeholders feedback shows alignment with the marketing strategy and that they feel supported by the marketing team activities 
– Delivered marketing activities that achieve monthly lead targets required for the business to achieve ARR targets 
– We reach 50%+ of the Serviceable, Obtainable Market (SOM) that fits our Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) through effective marketing execution
– At least 30% of leads generated are attributed to SEO/Website inbound 
– The number of SQLs (New Leads delivered to Sales by Marketing) and number of demo’s by SDRs, driven by Marketing Leads, are up 50% YOY 
– Grow ARPA (Average Revenue per Account), as per BU targets through expansion/upselling campaigns 
– Ensure all leads and opportunities can be attributed to the correct lead generation source 
– SEO keyword targets are tracked and achieved
– The Silverfin Website is performing and website visitor targets based on industry best practices are tracked and achieved
– Lead conversion rates are improving
– All marketing metrics are in place and plans are in place to address lagging indicators 
– eNPS scores for the marketing team members are in the top quartile of company results
– Team members achieve their KPIs in the first year after hire
– Customers recommend Silverfin to others, grow the use of our solution in their business and are happy to be featured as case studies either at events or in digital assets
Strong relationships exist across the business and there is active collaboration and timely and clear communication flow 
– You are viewed as an accountable, authentic and focused leader, proud of your team’s achievements and a strong contributor to the overall leadership of the business
What will support your success?
Experience and qualifications
– 15+ years of experience in B2B marketing, preferably technology, software or SaaS, including ownership of product and digital marketing
– At least 5 years of marketing people management experience
– Experience with the creation and management of market strategy and cascading this down into marketing execution
– Strong experience in successful demand generation activities supporting revenue target achievement and return on investment 
– Experience in leveraging the full marketing mix to support growth focused go to market plans
– Track record of hitting and overachieving marketing KPI targets YoY 
– Proven track record of leading communications with C-suite stakeholders and across cross-functional teams
– Proven experience in making data-driven and business aligned marketing decisions
– Highly experienced in roles that require collaboration with sales, product management and in-market teams 
– Global marketing experience and success working across different products/regions 
– Past track record of recruiting and developing a high performing marketing team
– Experience in managing distributed teams in a changing, dynamic environment
– A relevant marketing qualification supported with ongoing professional training and development achievements
Skills and knowledge
– Strong leadership and execution skills 
– Functional skills; strategic marketing, demand generation, digital marketing, social media, brand management, web management, digital (inbound), lead generation, marketing ops, pricing, data analytics, marketing automation, reporting 
– Deep understanding of demand, inbound and account based/target account marketing strategies 
– Accounting business models knowledge and experience in the sector 
– Ability to deliver results in a fast-paced environment 
– Excellent writing and presentation skills
– Good listener with strong communication skills
– Proficient with analytical and marketing automation tools including Hubspot and Salesforce
– Adept with web content management tools i.e. WordPress or Webflow 
– Quantitative skills to make data-driven decisions and ensure effective reporting
Attitude and personality-related traits
– Commercially oriented B2B marketing leader, combining strategic thinking and strong execution qualities. 
– Hands-on, detail oriented leader who is highly analytical and data-driven while retaining their creativity and giving team members autonomy 
– Strong executive presence, capacity to influence, high emotional intelligence, resilience and agility as well as the ability to assess situations and make decisions with imperfect inputs. 
– Ambitious, results-driven individual, prepared to roll up the sleeves and operate highly actively in the market. 
– You are considered naturally positive, approachable, with a sense of humour and high levels of personal energy. 
– You are considered a leader that supports and coaches the achievement of team goals over personal success, both a great coach and team player 
– You have high levels of EQ, being highly self-aware, with a resilience and growth mindset Highly self-motivated and organised 
– An agile and experimental test and learn approach 
– Comfortable in an entrepreneurial environment, while maximising value from relatively limited resources 
– You have the ability to travel extensively if required
Career progression & development
At Silverfin we make our own way. We are constantly looking for new and innovative ways to move forward. Continuous learning and development is encouraged to support your personal and professional growth. 
At the same time, this opens up many new opportunities that allow our people to grow with Silverfin, and often faster than with other companies. So many ambitious team members have already found their way to a new challenge within Silverfin.
We want you to reach your full potential. To get you there, we don’t want to think in boxes and over-structure things. So your options are not limited to one team or one career track. Your talent, motivation and potential play a crucial role in evolving across the teams into new roles.