Communication Manager @ Abbove in Brussels, Belgium



Do you know perfectly how to deliver messages to your target audience in a comprehensible and attractive way? Does creating content in English, Dutch and French sound like music to your ears? Do you have at least two years of proven experience in the communication field and are you eager to immerse yourself in the wealth management industry? Then a job as communication manager at Abbove might just be what you are looking for!

The company

At Abbove, we develop a wealth planning platform that’s currently used by 1.000 professionals (family officers, private bankers, accountants, wealth planners, etc.) and distributed to over 26.000 families in Europe. With our technology, we want to help financial institutions scale their wealth planning services and change the way families relate to their wealth.

We are looking for: Communication manager

As a communication expert at Abbove, you will be the one that’s completely in charge of all marketing and communication aspects of the company. You will be part of a team of 20+ person team that are collective players, committed professionals and caring people. In other words, you won’t ever be alone and collaborate closely with the CEO, sales, customer success and product team.


Your role

  • You are responsible for creating a strong, recognisable brand. You manage to find the right tone of voice in all communications and know exactly how to present our company and solution to different audiences.
  • You develop the long and short term communication strategy and planning and are responsible for its execution and budget management.
  • You ensure our presence on the web: you manage our profile on different listing sites and keep the information up to date.
  • You know which events and awards to participate in and manage the whole process from A to Z.
  • You manage the content and structure of our website and make sure it evolves together with our solution.
  • You develop organic and targeted content for our LinkedIn page and create a strong community on the platform.
  • You write press releases and maintain contact with journalists.
  • You create all our marketing material, from newsletters, onepagers, case studies, to flyers, videos, etc.
  • You are the one that’s in charge of our client communication: you make sure they are aware of new features and how to use them through newsletters and notification messages. On top of that, you create detailed and instructive user guides and support articles for our knowledge base.

Your profile

  • You have a first job experience in a similar role and ideally a degree in marketing or communication.
  • You speak fluently Dutch, French and English.
  • You’re a born communicator for the web and social media.
  • You have a passion for copywriting and know exactly how to attract an audience’s attention with your writing.
  • You have strong organisational skills and a hands-on personality.
  • You are an independent worker and are not afraid to show initiative.
  • You have an inquisitive mind and are eager to learn.
  • Experience with HubSpot, Figma, Webflow or Freshdesk are definitely a plus.

What we offer

  • A full-time position with responsibility in which there’s room for your own creativity and initiatives.
  • The opportunity to grow with the company and to develop your role accordingly over time.
  • The chance to join a small, young and talented team that’s not afraid of a bit of fun.
  • An attractive salary package.
  • An energetic, social and flexible environment with the opportunity to work at our office in Brussels combined with some days of home working.

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