Allround marketer @ Meetmatch in Zwijndrecht, Belgium


As a result of Covid, MeetMatch is growing fast. We are the world leader in advanced networking solutions, with customers all over the world and within the highest-value organizations. We are looking for a person who is responsible for the marketing within MeetMatch.

Who is MeetMatch?

We offer the most advanced networking solution in the world:

  • The only advanced business matchmaking solution
  • The only automated speed networking solution
  • The most complete event solution

Key organizations in the world like Innovation Roundtable, European Union and Chamber of Commerce are happy customers and confirm that MeetMatch is the future of networking, based on thorough analysis. We are a fast-growing team with people all around the world.

What is your role?

We believe in an agile approach, tackling projects at hand with considerable flexibility. You will be doing data-architecture and integration of other systems while also thinking about scalability.

Most work is done remotely, from your home, also in non-Corona-times.

What are your talents?