Marketing SEO Specialist @ Leadcamp in Remote + Gent office


Leadcamp is changing the way people sell through its sales co-pilot.

Leadcamp’s goal is to make sales more personal and proactive and remove all distractions from the seller’s daily life. We strive to be the world’s most advanced sales platform driven by data and machine learning. Our team has joined Leadcamp because they truly believe in this mission.

Remote + Gent office
Job type
Full time internship

Since we launched in 2022, we have run many trials and errors to capture as many leads as possible. We aim to increase free trial and demo requests in the next year. We are executing several strategies: SEO, social media, reviews, and paid ads.

Using a competitive SEO strategy, we have increased traffic x10 in just three months. Raising our brand awareness tremendously. We will focus on increasing conversions and organic reach through SEO and social media.

Your mission

As an intern, we expect high motivation and measurable results in achieving your KPIs by the end of your internship. You’ll be learning all the skills to become an SEO specialist and how to combine SEO content with social media for maximum effort.

At Leadcamp, we have a specific style for our images and web design, which you will also play a key role in creating. Thinking with the company and improving content material with graphics, infographics, and images is a real asset in enhancing our SEO positioning.

You will be responsible for

  • Leading our backlink strategy and communication. With the help of SEO tools, you will execute competitive analysis to find out who to contact for a backlink exchange.
  • Represent our company’s products: starting with a deep and comprehensive understanding and following with consumer research to identify how our solutions meet needs. Mainly when finding backlink partners.
  • As a creative, you bring ideas for experiments to put Leadcamp on the map in new regions and test these ideas.
  • You analyze marketing actions of competition and the impact on our startup, which you translate into specific actions.
  • Develop images, infographics, and other graphics for our social media posts.
  • Take part in the content strategy and copywriting using AI of social media and blog posts.

Your profile

You’re a great fit to join Leadcamp’s sales team if you:

  • Have good writing skills.
  • Have strong written & verbal communication skills in English.
  • Are highly organized with exceptional follow-up skills.
  • Have a good understanding of general marketing.
  • A great attitude and ability to collaborate in a small team.
  • Have the desire to learn fast and make an impact from day 1.
  • Have a university supporting the voluntary internship (mandatory co-op).

Everything else is a plus. We care about having diverse experiences, profiles, and backgrounds in our team.

Perks & Benefits

We believe that to be exceptional at your role; we must provide our team with a stimulating environment and perks to ensure happiness and efficiency and spend high-quality time with co-workers.

Therefore, we offer:

  • Teaching you anything you are interested in; You will have the chance to discover essential marketing tools such as Ahrefs, Hotjar, Meta Business Manager, Google Analytics, Google Ads, and so on.
  • Flexible Office. Leadcamp is a full-remote company, so you can live where you’re the happiest. We also have a flexible co-working hub in Ghent.

We hire people, not roles

After reading this job description, we encourage you to apply if you feel like you don’t have all the necessary prerequisites but that it matches where you are now or what you’d like to grow into in your next position!

Not everybody will enter our recruitment process, but all, no matter how underrepresented, should feel free to apply as it can only bring learning or success.